Facilities & Infrastructure
*Our speciality services*
Fetal and Paediatric Cardiac diagnostic modalities like
▶️Fetal Echo
▶️Paediatric Echocardiography
▶️Contrast echocardiography
▶️Trans-oesophageal echocardiography

Speciality Clinics
▶️Pulmonary hypertension clinic
▶️Adult with congenital heart disease clinic
▶️Arrhythmia clinic
▶️Heart Failure clinic
▶️Post op follow up/ Single ventricle clinic

*All Neonatal and Paediatic cardiac interventions/Procedure*
Diagnostic Cardiac catheterization
Device closure of ASD, VSD, PDA, AV Fistulas
Balloon Aortic Valvuloplasty
Balloon Pulmonary Valvuloplasty
Balloon Atrial Septostomy
Stenting- PDA, RVOT, Coarctation

 *Paediatric Cardiac Surgery*
Only dedicated centre in vidharbha offering all form of open heart surgery for all types of congenital and structure heart diseases by a team of dedicated Cardiologist, Surgeon, Anesthetist and Intesivist trained in Paediatric cardiac diseases.

PAEDIATRIC Intensive Care Unit
We cater paediatric patients with Heart Failure, Post Catheterization/cardiac surgery, Complex life threatening arrhythmias, Pericardial tamponade, Valvular heart disease with Pulmonary edema, Infective endocarditis causing hemodynamic compromise etc.
Cardiology Ward
Cardiology ward serves as an intermediate care or step down unit for patients admitted electively for procedures. It caters to the admissions from the OPD, elective patients admitted for cardiac catheterizations / open heart surgery and those transferred after stabilisation from the ICCU.
Catheterization Laboratory
All Neonatal and Paediatic cardiac interventions/Procedure*
-Diagnostic Cardiac catheterization
-Device closure of ASD, VSD, PDA, AV Fistulas
-Balloon Aortic Valvuloplasty
-Balloon Pulmonary Valvuloplasty
-Balloon Atrial Septostomy
-Stenting- PDA, RVOT, Coarctation

About Us
Although serving population of nearly 15 million, the paediatric cardiology services in central India are largely far behind the rest of India, let alone the international standards. Parents are running from pillar to post to get the best care for their loved ones. Children's heart centre is sincerely working hard to fulfil the need of central India’s population. Strategically located at zero mile of India in the city of oranges i.e. Nagpur, it is rapidly becoming gateway for diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart diseases not only for the population of Vidarbha but also for the nearby towns of Madhya-Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.
One of a kind and only centre in Vidarbha offering comprehensive paediatric cardiac care with Two senior consultants together-
*Advantage of getting two opinions at the same time and cost
*Dedicated Paediatric Echo machine, Cathlab and Operation Theatre

To provide the highest quality of cardiology care for the children of central India.
To provide comprehensive care to all ages- from the unborn to adult with congenital heart disease.
To advance the field of paediatric cardiology through innovation and teaching

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